Thursday, September 23, 2010

Double Take: Skillet Creamed Corn

I like corn....cornbread, corn on the cob, corn salsa, sometimes even corn casserole (especially Andrea's). I avoid corn syrup and typically avoid creamed corn too. My normal issue with creamed corn is the common lump formation due to corn starch. Ugh! I am willing to try things though so I tried USL's creamed corn (which didn't include corn starch). It did however, include bacon and basil. Unusual.

Rather than retype the recipe, I'm providing the link to it here. I only changed the proportions and based on my impression, it wasn't something I felt was needed to retype.

My reaction: I tried it. It was better reheated than when first out of the pan but its not my thing. I was glad I halved the recipe. I thought about tossing it but didn't want to waste the food. It was better the next day but I wouldn't make it again. In terms of why, it wasn't the texture (for a change), it was the flavor. The bacon dominated the corn and the way the recipe had the corn prepared caused it to take on a flavor that I didn't enjoy. On the other hand, the meatballs I randomly composed were good. I preferred them fresh as opposed to reheated though.

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