Thursday, November 18, 2010

Double Take: Tabboleh

Some of you may be wondering, what is tabboleh? Its kind of a salad with cracked wheat (aka bulgar), fresh herbs, some olive oil, and lemon juice. The rest is up to you. This recipe isn't posted online but frankly, you might not need a recipe. This is the sort of thing that varies no matter who makes it. In this case, the tabboleh contained: lettuce (I used the curly sort), fresh tomato (I smelled mine for fresh flavor, its tough to find tomatoes with taste this time of year), parsley (rinse well before use), bulgar (same as cracked wheat, soak in an excess amount of water [at least double the amount of scooped grain] for one hour, then drain), mint, garlic (well you know how I am). The proportions of the above really don't matter. I'd go with more bulgar to the rest ratio so maybe 1 c. bulgar to other parts being 1/2 c. but in this case, it was more like the other way around. When you chopped everything finely, you mix it all together. Then make a little dressing: 1 Tbsp of olive oil, a little salt, a little pepper, 2 Tbsp of lemon juice (or more, just go with your own taste). Stir it together, let it sit an hour and then taste it. You can let it sit til morning or lunch or whatever. The flavors build so its a good thing to sit. Feel free to switch up the herbs and make it into something you like. I ate mine with italian bread. Yum!

Up close and personal, a very salady Tabboleh
Are you ready for this?


Review: The recipe in Ultimate Southern Living was different than I expected. I amped up the lemon juice and enjoyed it. I also got a few coworkers to try it and they especially liked it with more lemon. Would I make it again? Sure. I would probably use more bulgar though.

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  1. I can see why you shared it with your work colleagues, it is so perfect for lunch.