Friday, October 2, 2009

Fresh Baby progress

I'm excited to introduce you all to part of my baby spinach row! I decided to go for a fall planting since it gets rather warm here for spinach unless it is planted in early spring or fall. I planted and waited. It rained a lot last week so there was not enough sun to bring them out of the ground until the last few days. Hopefully it won't frost before my spinach is ready to harvest!


  1. Cool! how long does it usually take for spinach to go from seedling to eating? Oh, and I found your blog through your gmail chat message. I like it!

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  3. @ Katie: The package said 30-45 days from seedling to eating. I think that is also weather dependent. Mine has been in the ground but the fluctuating temperatures appear to have slowed the process. Fortunately, spinach is supposed to be hardy in cool weather. I'll try to take a picture soon to show its progress.